So this is how it all started...


By 2013 we had both graduated from UC Santa Barbara, and were working cookie cutter jobs in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. They were cool and all but we knew we wanted to experience a bigger adventure outside of the states and the everyday norm. After receiving an offer to move into our Tico friend Vini’s house in Playa Hermosa, we quit our jobs, moved out of our apartments and jetted to Costa Rica! Fortunately for us we were able to save enough money to just relax in paradise and scope out the territory for about three months. After these three months we were sure we wanted to stick around, but we needed to make money somehow. We had learned about the low wages and long hours of working in restaurants here, so we decided we needed to come up with our own business plan, and what better of a place than Costa Rica to start a bikini business! The only problem with our big idea was that neither of us had ever touched a sewing machine before. In December 2014 we were both in the States visiting family for Christmas. We took this as our chance to gather our materials and somehow learn how to design and sew a bikini. Being in Woodstock, New York, which is known for its artistic culture, Lauren took the opportunity to take some sewing lessons at Sew Woodstock. She walked in the door explaining that she needed to learn how to sew a bikini in less than two weeks. Looking at her like she was crazy at first glance,shop worker and seamstress Katie spent hours with Lauren in the shop, who was determined to learn how to sew a bikini, and commence business upon arrival back in Costa Rica. As soon as we returned Lauren spent hours teaching Anna her new sewing skills, and with a lot of practice and trial and error we knew how to design and sew our own bikinis!


Living about a mile away from our small town off of a bumpy dirt road our lives were very savage like as we walked or rode our bikes everyday in the pouring rain. After being associated with this type of lifestyle for various reasons we knew that Salvaje Swimwear was the perfect name for our company. In February 2015 we moved closer into town, got our own place and were able to build our own makeshift factory in our studio apartment. For the first few months is was solely the two of us sewing all bikinis in our little home, but thanks to all of you and the expansion of our business we were forced to hire help. All of our bikinis are still handmade here in Playa Hermosa, Jacó Costa Rica.  


 Playa Hermosa and Costa Rica in general are known for its large surf culture and killer waves so we knew we had to accommodate the surfing lifestyle in the design of our suits, but at the same time keep it jazzy. Our bikinis are not only designed for the avid surfer but an athletic and casual lifestyle in general. For an awesome two in one, a majority of our suits are reversible and more fun than the average! While designing your own custom Salvaje bikini you are able to create your own personal style in a suit. We have a variety of different styles, prints, and colors to construct your suit. We are always available to help in the creation of your custom bikini if you have any questions or concerns about print and color pairings. We hope you all enjoy Savage bikinis as much as we enjoy making them for you!